Leading Technology in Ground Improvement


In 2019 the University of Milano Bicocca and the Foundation University for Innovation U4I (which groups some Italian Universities) decided to support the creation of a spin-out with the aim to form a center of excellence in the field of ground consolidation through grouting and freezing processes. The idea was to share the knowledge of different players operating in this field: the University of Milano-Bicocca, the Industry (Sireg Geotech), the Designers (Engineering firm STAP) plus the support of a group of investors specialized in start-ups (Management Innovation).


The company mission is to consolidate the knowledge in order to transfer it to the market creating added value in terms of higher understanding of the materials and processes and, through that, allowing better allocation of resources resulting in improved quality and cost avoidance by reducing overengineering.

Ways to transfer value to the market

Groutfreezlab s.r.l. is supporting its customers both in its own labs within the University and on the field through:

  • Research activities using patented instruments and advanced theoretical/numerical models;
  • Development activities and validations of materials, tools, technologies and numerical codes in the field of ground consolidation including artificial ground freezing;
  • Services (i.e.: instrumental analysis) and consultancy to all the players involved in the sector (Engineering and Construction firms, Chemicals and tools suppliers, Regulators and Works Directors)


Besides the Executive board Groutfreezlab s.r.l. has formed a Scientific committee which involves also renowned Academicians and plans to have at least 75% of PhD students involved in its activities.

Early success

Despite having been formed only a few months ago Groutfreezlab s.r.l. has already invoiced on international marked and is in advanced negotiations to establish partnerships in the fields of development of injection pipes, injection materials, permeation technology and new testing methods.


Registered Office: Via Fontana, 25 – 20122 Milano (MI), Italia
Operative Office: Piazza della Scienza, 4 – 20126 Milano (MI), Italia
T: +39 0264482045
Mail: info@groutfreezlab.com
PEC: gflabsrl@legalmail.it
C.F. e P. Iva: 10993470961
REA: MI – 2571865
Registered Capital: 100.000 €